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Failure assessments of PV systems demonstrate the importance of elective quality assurance

Donnerstag, 01 März 2018 /

In a four-year project sponsored by the German Federal Ministry of Economices and Energy, a consortium of German experts assessed the quality of actual PV power installations. The researchers now report on how the effects of several common module failures on module and string performance highlight the importance of consistent quality assurance to prevent risks to financial success.

Dipl. Ing. Annett Sepanski, Dipl. Ing. Uwe Hupach, Dipl. Ing. Willi Vaaßen (TÜV Rheinland), Dipl. Phys. Jörg Schmauder (ISC Konstanz), Prof. Dr. Ansgar Steland, Dr. Andreas Sommer, M. sc. E. Sovetkin (RWTH Aachen), Thomas C. Sauer, Dipl. soc.sc., Dipl. ec Georg Fischer (EXXERGY)

PV-Tech Power, Volume 14, February 2018, 70ff